William, 1806

1806 (Moreton-in-Marsh)  – 1894 (Prestbury)

Moreton-in-Marsh church, about 1859 (it now has a spire)

Our 3xgreat grandfather William Pitman was born in Moreton-in-Marsh, and baptised there in October 1806, the fifth child of Thomas Pitman and his wife Ann Stephens (née Keen). William’s father was from Didbrook, and William’s childhood seems to have been spent there rather than at Moreton. He married his first wife Mary Barnes in Shilton, Oxfordshire in December 1829 (giving his abode as Badgeworth, Glos), and must have moved to Prestbury almost immediately, as his first children, Richard and Joseph were baptised there on 20th March 1830. Mary died in February 1833, and in November 1838 William married Sarah Hughes at St Peter’s Leckhampton (to the south of Cheltenham). They already had one child, Ann Pitman Hughes, born late in 1838 and baptised at Leckhampton on the day of their marriage, and went on to have thirteen more, the last in 1863. William and Sarah lived out their lives in Prestbury, with William working as a milkman or dairyman.  They were both buried there, Sarah on 7th March 1890 and William on 21st May 1894.

William had 4 children with his first wife, Mary: Richard who, we believe, was buried at Prestbury at the age of 7 months (the name in the burial register is written as James, leading to an element of doubt!); Joseph (possibly Richard’s twin) lived into adulthood and marriage, and was our 2 x great grandfather; Thomas did not marry, and died in India before the age of 30; and James, who ‘disappears’ after 1851.

Some of William and Sarah’s children continued to live in the village after their marriages, as did their children, and we believe that the Pitmans appearing in the parish registers as recently as 1977 were William’s descendants.

Shilton: the church in which William married Mary Barnes
(courtesy oxfordshirevillages.co.uk)

Mary Barnes     29 December 1829     Shilton, Oxfordshire

Richard              1830 – 1830
Joseph                1830 – 1888
Thomas             1831 – 1859
James                 1833 –

Sarah Hughes     11 November 1838     Leckhampton (St Peter)

Ann                     1838 – 1840
Mary Ann           1840 – 1918
William               1842 – 1903
Jane                    1843 – 1871
Robert                1845 – 1849
John Richard     1847 – 1926
George              1849 – 1877
female               1851 – 1851
Richard              1852 –
Oliver Robert    1854 – 1894
Fanny                 1855 – 1894
Albert James     1858 – 1897
Clara Emma      1860 – 1861
Alice                   1863 – 1930