Thomas, 1776

1776 (Didbrook) – 1808 (Didbrook)

Our 4xgreat grandfather Thomas Pitman was the third of the six children born to Thomas Pitman and his wife Mary (nee Pugh), and was baptised at Didbrook on 29 December 1776.

In January 1801 Thomas married Ann Stephens Keen at Longborough, a village north of Stow-on-the-Wold. Unfortunately Thomas died only seven years later, at the age of 31. In their short marriage Thomas and Ann had five children, all born and baptised at Moreton-in-Marsh, and possibly another whose baptism we have not found. We assume the family had moved to Didbrook by the time of Thomas’ death, as both he and one of his daughters were buried there early in 1808.

Our vision of Thomas

Our vision of Thomas

We only have one document which gives information about Thomas’ occupation: his marriage licence tells us he was a drover, work which would have entailed walking animals to market. We envisage him walking miles with a few sheep and maybe a cow or two, perhaps even a dog to help him, but we cannot be sure. He may well have worked relatively close to home, but maybe he covered huge distances, like the Welsh drovers who took beasts across the country to London.

After Thomas’ death his widow, Ann, had two more sons, James and George, both of whom were baptised at Didbrook. They both took the surname Pitman but the identity of their father is not known. Ann died in June 1823, and was buried at Didbrook.

Ann Stephens Keen     25 January 1801     Longborough

Mary¹        1802 –
Emma       1803 – 1810
Joseph      1803 – 1875
Thomas    1805 – 1878
William     1806 – 1894
Sarah¹                – 1808

¹   We wonder whether Mary and Sarah were the same child. Mary was baptised at Moreton-in-Marsh in January 1802, and Sarah “an infant” was buried at Didbrook in February 1808. We have no other information about either.