Thomas, 1744

1744 (Didbrook) – 1814 (Gloucester / Didbrook)

Our 5xgreat grandfather Thomas Pitman was the fifth child of William Pitman and Jane (née Whitford), and was baptised at Didbrook on 17 March 1744. He married Mary Pugh, at nearby Hailes, on 13 October 1771, by licence, in which he described himself as a yeoman. The couple had six children, all of whom were baptised at Didbrook, but we know little about Thomas until the final two weeks of his life. On 6 January 1814 he was taken to Gloucester Gaol as a debtor, and on the 15th the Governor noted in his diary that the Surgeon had visited Thomas who was “very ill with a dropsical complaint”. The next day the diary included the note: “Thomas Pitman died about 12 o clock last night”, and the following day noted the inquest result, with the cause of death being given as dropsy (which would probably be termed ‘congestive heart failure’ today). According to the inquest report in the Gloucester Journal, “Every attention that humanity could suggest, had been paid to this unfortunate man by the Governor, as well as the Medical Gentlemen who were called in to his assistance.”

Thomas’ body was returned to Didbrook, where he was buried on 22 January 1814.

The church at Hailes where Thomas and Mary married

Inside Hailes church

Mary Pugh        13 October 1771        Hailes

Margaret                 1772 – 1814
William                    1774 – 1848
Thomas                   1776 – 1808
Mary                        1779 – 1814
Joseph Greening    1782 – 1845
Richard Pugh          1782 – 1847