Richard, 1822

1822 (Didbrook) – 1877 (Stanway)

Our 1st cousin 3xremoved Richard Pitman was born in Didbrook and baptised there on 3 March 1822. He was the fifth child of William Pitman and his wife Sarah (née Johnson). Richard was living in Didbrook with his parents in 1841, and after his marriage remained in the area. He married Jane Green (also from Didbrook) at Buckland in 1848, and they went on to have nine children.

Richard was an agricultural labourer, so we did not expect to find his working life documented. However, we came across the book “Account Books of Thomas Smith of Ireley Farm, Hailes, 1865-71″¹ and discovered that Richard, his wife and children worked at the farm during most of the period covered by the book.  The records transcribed make it clear that both parents and the elder children were employed on generally  non-specified work on the farm which was about a mile from their home in Greet. Richard was one of the few labourers mentioned on a regular basis in the accounts, usually recorded as “Pittman”, with “Mrs Pittman” often working several days a week, and “Pittmans Girl” and “Pittmans Boys” also working in the busy periods.

Both Richard and his wife died relatively young: Jane was only 44 when she died in 1870, soon after the birth of her ninth child, and Richard died seven years later aged 54.


Richard and Jane were married in Buckland church, just visible here among the trees

Jane Green     1848    Buckland

William                  1850 – 1872
Sarah Ann             1852 – 1916
Thomas                 1854 – 1923
George                  1856 – 1919
Richard Henry      1859 – 1947
Emily                      1861 – 1939
Harriet                   1864 – 1865
Harriet                   1867 – 1929
Charlie Green       1870 – 1893

¹  Account Books of Thomas Smith of Ireley Farm, Hailes, 1865-71, Celia Miller, pub Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, 1985