Longhope, Glos

Longhope is a village in the Forest of Dean, close to the county boundary with Herefordshire. The earliest definite record we have found of our own Pitman family is in Longhope, where Richard Pitman married Joane Crumpe on 25 November 1677. Some of their children and grandchildren remained in the village, some moved elsewhere in north Gloucestershire and nearby south Worcestershire, whilst others went as far as London. The last evidence of Pitmans in Longhope is the burial of Zachariah Pitman on 29 September 1794, but land in and near the parish was owned by one of his descendants until at least 1829. The name Pitman remains connected with the village to this day, in “Pitman’s Farm” in Yartleton Lane.

Longhope church defore demolition of the spire
(courtesy http://www.longhopevillage.co.uk)

Having visited ‘Long Hope’ sometime in the period 1750 to 1781, Ralph Bigland described ithe church as having a steeple at the west end: today there is simply a tower, the spire having been demolished in the mid-19th century as its weight was causing the tower and parts of the nave to buckle. The Pitmans in Longhope would have known the church with the spire, as shown in this old picture, rather than with a tower.