Joseph Greening, 1782

1782 (Didbrook) – 1845 (Stanton)

Our 4xgreat uncle Joseph Greening Pitman was baptised at Didbrook on 18 March 1782, together with his brother, Richard Pugh Pitman. They were the youngest children of Thomas Pitman and his wife Mary (née Pugh). As far as we can determine Joseph never used his middle name, and we have no idea how it came into the family.

Stanton churchyard where Joseph was buried

Stanton churchyard where Joseph was buried

Didbrook church: Joseph's children and his first wife were all buried here

Didbrook church:yard: Joseph’s children and his first wife were all buried here

Until the age of about 45, Joseph’s working life seems to have been spent in Didbrook, as a labourer. Strong circumstantial evidence indicates that his first marriage was to Ann Pittney, and took place in Oxford in 1814. In 1826 he was married for the second time, to Ann Evans of Temple Guiting, and at around that time he moved to Ford, near Temple Guiting and became an innkeeper (probably at the Plough Inn, although we cannot be certain of this). Sometime after the 1841 census, Joseph moved to Stanton, where he was buried in April 1845.

Joseph and his first wife, Ann had three children, none of whom lived to adulthood, and Ann herself died at the age of just 44. A fourth child, born to Joseph’s second wife, also Ann, died at the age of just one day, and Ann was only 46 when she herself died. Joseph’s third marriage, to a widow, Ann Craddock (nee Slack) produced no children, and Ann outlived Joseph by nearly thirty years.

Ann Pittney     19 December 1814     Oxford (St Peter le Bailey)

Charles        1815 – 1833
John             1817 – 1826
Caroline      1820 – 1821

Ann Evans     4 July 1826     Temple Guiting

Elizabeth Mary    1827 – 1827

Ann Craddock (née Slack)     19 April 1834     Didbrook