Henry, 1866

1866 (Cheltenham) – 1888 (Cheltenham)

Henry’s signature in the marriage register

Our great grandfather Henry Pitman was born in Lower Alstone, Cheltenham, Glos in January 1866 and was christened at St Mark’s, Cheltenham later that year. He was the second of 6 children of Joseph Pitman and Sarah Ann (née Price), and spent his short working life as a labourer or gardener’s labourer (the Alstone area was the site of numerous market gardens). Despite this manual occupation, we have the impression that Henry was able to write reasonably well: his signature in the marriage register seems to have been written confidently, rather than the mark or shaky signature commonly seen at that time.

In June 1886 Henry married Martha Jeenes at St Mark’s, Cheltenham and their first child (a daughter) was born 5 months later. Sadly she lived only a few weeks. The couple had 2 more children (both boys) within the next 2 years.

Less than 2 weeks after the birth of their third child Henry succumbed to typhoid fever and peritonitis and died in Cheltenham General Hospital.  His widow Martha died from a cerebral tumour less than a year later.

Martha Jeenes          5 June 1886          Cheltenham (St Mark)

Mary Edith Kate     1886 – 1886
William Thomas     1887 – 1956
Henry Joseph         1888 – 1918