Henry, 1865

1865 (Compton Abdale) – 1916 (Cheltenham)

Our 2nd cousin 4 times removed Henry Pitman was born at Compton Abdale, Gloucestershire, in 1865, the son of Edward Pitman and his wife Mary Ann (née Cove). In 1888 he married Sarah Tuffley, and they farmed in the Charlton Kings area of Cheltenham before moving to Benhall Farm to the west of the town sometime between 1901 and 1906. He died on 13 June 1916, and is buried in Charlton Kings churchyard.

Although distantly related to us, we have a particular interest in Henry: we initially thought he was our great grandfather, as information in the book “Leaving All That Was Dear”, about Cheltonians in the First World War, states that our grandfather, Henry Joseph Pitman, was the son of Henry and Martha Pitman of Benhall Farm. We eventually discovered that this was only partially correct – our great grandfather was a Henry Pitman but he had no connection with Benhall Farm.

Charlton Kings church

Sarah Tuffly     15 April 1888     Cheltenham (St Luke)

Hilda Mary          1888 – 1971
Selina Kate         1894 – 1976
Ivy Gladys           1898 – 1973
Sarah Annie       1901 – 1976