George, 1812

1812 (Didbrook) – 1887 (Evesham)

Our half great (x3) great-uncle George Pitman was baptised at Didbrook on 2 August 1812, the son of Ann Pitman. We believe that the only Ann Pitman of the right age in Didbrook at this time was our 4xgreat grandmother Ann (nee Keen), widow of Thomas Pitman who had died in 1808. In fact, on his marriage certificate, George named Thomas Pitman as his father, but whether he actually believed this to be the case or not we have no way of knowing.

George’s mother died when he was just 11 years old, and we have no idea what he did or where he lived from then on, but at some time he was taken on by Edward Holland of Dumbleton Hall (about 6 miles from Didbrook), and became a gamekeeper for him. It appears George soon moved to Edward Holland’s estate at Wood Norton, just outside Evesham, where he was gamekeeper at the time of his marriage in 1839. He remained on the estate until 1862, being mentioned in the local paper most years in advertisements for the sale of coppice wood from the estate.

The Talbot as it was in 2012 (courtesy Colin Tether) The building is now (summer 2014) undergoing much-needed renovation

Early in 1863 George changed course, and moved into Evesham to become landlord of The Talbot Inn in Bengeworth. He remained there until his death in 1887, but the pub remained in the Pitman family until the early twentieth century, as George’s son Charles took over as landlord a few years before George’s death, and upon Charles’ death in 1897 his widow Louisa held the licence for several years.

George had married Mary Farley in 1839 at All Saints church in Evesham, and they had five children. All five lived to adulthood, but all died relatively young, none reaching their sixtieth birthday. George himself died in September 1887, aged 75, and was buried in Bengeworth Cemetery.

Mary Farley    19 October 1838    Evesham, Worcs (All Saints)

Oliver        1840 – 1896
Joseph       1842 – 1891
Ann            1843 – 1867
Charles      1846 – 1897
William      1850 – 1881