George, 1765

1765 (Pendock) – 1840 (Eldersfield)

St Mary de Lode from the tower of Gloucester Cathedral(courtesy Pete Wilcox)

St Mary de Lode from the tower of Gloucester Cathedral
(courtesy Pete Wilcox)

George Pitman was baptised at Pendock on 21 July 1765, the fifth and youngest child of James Pitman and his wife Ann (née Windows).

In September 1802 George married Deborah Wilton in the church of St Mary de Lode on the northern outskirts of Gloucester. Both were said to be from Gloucester (Deborah was born there), but by the May of the following year they were living in Eldersfield, Worcestershire (little more than a mile from Pendock) and seem to have remained there for the rest of George’s life.

George and Deborah had six children over the ten years following their marriage, all of whom were baptised at Eldersfield. However, it seems highly likely that they had a seventh child, whose baptism we have been unable to find. It may well be that she was born before their marriage as her age in later censuses and her death registration suggest she was born around 1800.

George died on 18 April 1840, and was buried in Eldersfield churchyard. His death certificate gives the only indication we have of his occupation: his widow describes him there as a labourer.

Deborah Wilton     28 September 1802    Gloucester (St Mary de Lode)

Maria            c1800 – 1894
Thomas          1803 – 1873
John                1804 –
Sophia            1806 – 1816
William           1808 – 1880
Ann                 1810 –
Harriet            1812 – 1854