Can you help?

Like all researchers, we have problems with “missing persons”: people whom we identify and link to a family, who later just seem to disappear. What happened to them? Did they emigrate? Do they appear on your family tree? Our main missing persons are listed below: if you suspect you know what became of them, please contact us.

There are other problems with which we hope someone reading this can help, and we shall add them as they crop up.

What happened to ….?

James Pitman, baptised Prestbury 28th April 1833 (parents William & Mary). He is in Prestbury in 1841 and 1851, then disappears.

Richard Pitman, baptised Prestbury 24th February 1852 (parents William & Sarah). In 1869 he joined the Royal Navy (giving his birthdate as 24th February 1853), and in the 1871 census he is a Boy 1st Class, on board HMS Rattlesnake, off St Helena in the mid-Atlantic. We cannot find him after that.

Who is ….?

Lance Corporal Pitman, in the military gallery photograph of the Gloucester Regiment gym staff? The full text accompanying the photo is:

Top row. – Corpl. Vowles, Lance-Corpl. Hurford, Corpl. Devis, Corpl. Winter, Corpl. Thrush, Corpl. Hall.
Middle row. – Sergt. Holding, C.-S.-M.-I. Bonner, A.G.S., Lieut. Bickley, S.-Sgt.-Inst. Charles, A.G.S., Sergt. Buckland.
Sitting in front. – Lance-Corpl. Pitman, Corpl. Short.