Arthur Edward, 1876

1876 (Cheltenham) – 1937 (Southampton)

Private of the King’s Own, 1896

Our great great-uncle Arthur Edward Pitman (usually known as Edward) was born in St Mark’s, Cheltenham in 1876 and baptised there in July.  He was the fifth child of Joseph Pitman and Sarah Ann (née Price).

By the time he was 15 Edward was living in Manchester with his Uncle and Aunt (his mother’s sister Jane) and was employed as a railway porter.  In 1895, aged 17, he enlisted in the Royal Lancaster Regiment and remained a soldier until 1919.

According to his enlistment papers Edward had “good physical development”; was 5’ 4 ½ “ tall; weighed 120 lbs; had a fresh complexion; grey eyes and dark brown hair.  Both forearms were tattooed “T P”.

Edward spent much of his time abroad serving in Singapore, South Africa, Malta, India and Salonica and fought in the Boer War.  At the outbreak of World War 1 his battalion was stationed in India, but was recalled, arriving in England before the end of 1914.

Edward married Florence Maud Jasper in 1910 in Jersey, Channel Islands while he was stationed there.  The couple had four children:  the middle two were twin girls born in Lebong, India as Florence Maud was one of the wives travelling with the regiment.

After demobilisation from the army in 1919 Edward lived in Southampton until his death there in 1937 aged 61.


Fort Regent, Jersey, with the King’s Own on parade, 1909

Florence Maud Jasper     26 December 1910     Jersey

Arthur Edward       1911 – 1968
Linda                       1914 – 1988
Violet                       1914 – 1914
Raymond Jasper    1916 – 1983