Ambrose, c1665

c1665 (Stow) – 1740 (Tewkesbury)

The memorial (bottom right) to Ambrose and his family in Tewkesbury Abbey

Ambrose Pitman was almost certainly born in Stow-on-the-Wold around 1665, although we have no direct evidence of the place and year. Wills of both Ambrose himself and other family members confirm that his parents were Thomas Pitman and his wife Millicent who lived in Stow, and the year has been calculated from the age given on his memorial. Ambrose presumably moved to Tewkesbury sometime before 1718 when his wife Ann was buried there. We have not found their marriage, but their son Pebworth was baptised at Stow in 1692.

Like his brother Thomas, Ambrose was a baker by trade, and seems to have been a person of some standing in Tewkesbury. In March 1725/6 he was one of the townspeople involved in petitioning Parliament for the erection of turnpikes on several roads from Tewkesbury, in order to raise money for the repair of the roads. We also know that at some time he purchased a lifetime interest in a seat in the front row of Tewkesbury Abbey: the Abbey Seat Book has this undated entry for seats 16 and 17 in the front row “The above two Seats are made into one by Mr Ambrose Pitman in Consideration whereof he and his Wife enjoy the Whole”.

Close-up of the memorial

    Close-up of the memorial

Having been widowed in 1718, Ambrose remarried in 1720, and lived in Tewkesbury until his death in 1740. He was buried in the north aisle of the Abbey, with his first wife, his son, and Dinah Pebworth. We are not certain of the relationship between the Pitman family and Dinah Pebworth but it seems likely that Ann (Ambrose’s first wife and mother of Pebworth) may have been a Pebworth herself by birth.  The memorial stone in the floor of the north aisle is frequently walked over, and the date of Ambrose’s death, and his age, are now unclear, but Bigland’s eighteenth century transcription gives the date as 28 March 1740 (this fits with the date of his burial), his age as 75.

Ann (Pebworth?)

Pebworth          1692 – 1728

Ann Rose (née ?)     19 April 1720     Forthampton